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Welcome to my Green Room. I hope you enjoy the results of my reckless web design efforts. And hey, sorry about the pop-up windows and ads, they are annoying aren't they. One thing I am sort of proud of with regards to the pop-ups is the fact that I have targetted advertising showing up on my page, I'm so highly trafficed that Tripod has paid advertisers buying my site. Pretty cool.

Yeah, it's big. I'm 5' 10". It is a 60" screen. I call it "The Whale". But alas, I'm married now, technology has changed and I sold it. But the 50" plasma TV helps to make up for my loss.
The Whale

Least favorite hosting company because of terrible customer service: Korksoft. E-mail me if you'd like to know more about how they continue to bill my credit card for hosting that I cancelled more than 8 months ago. These guys screwed me good.

In other "I got screwed" news, and I don't want you to get screwed either, please make every effort to avoid doing business with Edelen Custom Doors & Windows, in Portland, Oregon. Particularly their Eastside location. I prepaid for a custom garden window measuring 33" x 34" and they tried to deliver to me something that measured closer to 39" x 41". The sales person, Doug is incompetent. "Fat Man" Dave told my father that he (meaning my father) should have ordered the window because he was a man. My wife ordered the window, and she knows what she is doing. So...Dave is a sexist. Then the clincher. Steve, one of the owners, and head of the garage door division, told me that I "got what I ordered." though never could tell me how the frame of the window had my measurements. Steve also refused a refund, I never took possession of the window, and MasterCard (bless their hearts at Capitol One) are giving me the refund instead. So, avoid doing work with Edelen Custom Doors & Windows and call them at: (503) 255-6552 and ask them about this incident. See what they say. It will be fun!

Happy Birthday to me! I bought a brand spanking new Kawasaki Ninja 250 motorcycle, impulsively, on my 24th birthday. She's a beauty.
2001 Kawasaki Ninja 250

I'm drunk!

Let me tell you a bit about myself, an introduction of sorts. My name is Matt Birchard, and I live in Portland, Oregon. I'm 26 years old. I'm a graduate of Portland State Univeristy where I received my bachelor's degree in Business Administration, majoring in Advertising and Marketing. I worked in advertising for about two years, then I got laid off with the slowing economy. I was on unemployment for 6 months, then worked as a bartender for another 6 months, and ended up having my best advertising job yet fall in my lap. So I'm back in the game.
A small sampling of my many other varied interests are contained here within these pages.

My pages here will only be a breif introduction. Good gawd they are outdated... I'm pretty good about e-mail, and please feel free to use the e-mail link at the bottom of this page. I hope you'll take a look around, and maybe get to know me a bit better. Oh, and by the way, green is my favorite color, it makes me happy. And I know that some of you are wondering about the picture of me to the left, indeed I am drunk, and yes that is a lamp shade on my head. If you can't get crazy and laugh at yourself sometimes, life would be pretty boring.

Pizza Boy!

Yep, I delivered pizzas for about a month. The money was good, the management was great, and two girls that I delivered to one night became friends (for awhile). It was the easiest job I've ever had, I spent most of my time in my car. I look back on that brief period of my life now and think of it fondly. There will always be a soft spot in my heart for Domino's.

Not much interesting on the main page, I know. But don't lurk in doorways, come in.

Okay, I'm not looking to meet anyone right now, I've got a great wife, but we met on Hot or Not, so it's still fun. Are You HOT or NOT?

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